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Published local sea salt electroplating industry pollution treatment plan"
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

Reporters learned that zhejiang haiyan introduced "haiyan electroplating industry pollution treatment plan", sea salt has become in the city's first electroplating industry pollution treatment of county (city) area.

The "scheme" has been clear about the stick to the pollution treatment as reversed transmission mechanism of industry transformation and upgrading, in accordance with the "ascension a batch, move a batch, eliminate a number of" and "maintain pressure, big pressure on the small" the thinking of comprehensive pollution treatment in electroplating industry. Sensitive to the environment of enterprise implementation of transferring, led to the development into the industrial function specification; For environmental protection procedure is not complete, backward technology and equipment, low integration with no hope of small scattered enterprise in accordance with the law shall be shut out; To be retained by the enterprise, according to the relevant industry pollution within a prescribed period of the comprehensive improvement of acceptance criteria for acceptance; Encouraged to make the pollution index, in the industrial function zone appropriate development of a large scale, advanced technology of construction projects, has prompted a number of enterprises bigger and stronger, realize the healthy development of electroplating industry.


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