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Four departments 12 ban explicitly banned exceeds bid to buy car
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

12 "ban specification" four department, head of the state administrative costs

Beijing on May 8 (xinhua) the reporter learns 8 from the ministry of finance, by the ministry of finance jointly with the ministry of supervision, audit, and state-owned assets supervision and administration commission jointly issued "the head of state-owned enterprises interim measures for the supervision and administration of consumer behavior, clear list are strictly prohibited for excess purchase official, it is forbidden to use public funds for families and children to pay various fees and other 12 standard state-owned post consumption, head of the ban.

Compared with the previous state-owned enterprises leaders clean employed some principled norms, the four departments with a clear "prohibitive provisions" of state-owned enterprises strictly regulate head's consumer behavior. Four department, said the release of the interim measures, designed to implement the state council for the fourth time honest work conference spirit, and resolutely put a stop to has nothing to do with the enterprise operation and management of consumer behavior and luxury consumption culture.

Head of state-owned enterprises, head of the consumption refers to the state-owned enterprises to perform the duties, shall be borne by the enterprises of consumer spending.

Four department, state-owned enterprises should strengthen their pension, housing allowance, head of the expenditure management, etc. The head position consumption system, state-owned enterprises should be open to the worker in the proper manner.

In addition, in conjunction with the supervisory departments at various levels exercise the responsibility of the sponsor of state-owned assets supervision and administration department shall regularly head consumption situation of state-owned enterprises supervision and inspection. State-owned enterprises disciplinary inspection, internal supervision such as supervision and auditing institutions also want to the supervision of the head consumption, in the enterprise internal establish personal integrity, head of the file.


State-owned enterprises head position consumption is difficult to define

Yesterday, the central university of finance and guarantee of the finance department said that after the consumption regulation on head of state-owned enterprises, there are rules, such as party banned public funds to buy cigarettes, guidance on state-owned assets supervision and administration, in private, accepting gifts, public funds for tourism, and other key regulation. But why documents issued repeatedly, but can't solve?

Once guarantee, said one of the reasons is not defined position consumption. During the post consumption, head of the state-owned enterprises, and sometimes is consumer group or groups, bad division; Also a lot of units will take the initiative to pass the lead position in consumption on to the unit.

It is understood that for the senior leaders of state-owned enterprises, in the basic position consumption by agents at a lower level, consumption is a great variety of reasons and project, so difficult to divide specific amount between public and private, not to mention that. For the file, the behavior of the 12 need to ban, once guarantee says it has more detail, and these areas is a hot spot in the head position consumption of state-owned enterprises.


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