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Notification requirements of the state council to further strengthen enterprise safety production
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

All localities and departments and the units concerned should be to strengthen the enterprise to organize the implementation of work safety in production, for deployment in this region industry specific measures to the requirements of the implementation of this circular, strengthen the supervision and inspection and guidance, in the course of implementation of timely research, coordinate to solve the outstanding problems.

In recent years, the national production safety accidents dropped year by year, production safety conditions generally stable, tend to be better, but the situation is still grim, accident total quantity is still large, serious illegal illegal production, frequent major workplace accidents, to people's lives and property security caused heavy losses, exposed some heavy light production safety, safety management is weak, the main body not to carry out the responsibility, some localities and departments such outstanding problems as safety regulation is not in place. In order to further strengthen production safety work, improve enterprise's safety production level, regarding the notify is as follows:

First, general requirements

1. The job requirements. Further implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to the people-oriented, firmly establish the concept of safe development, change the pattern of economic development, adjusting industrial structure, improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, the economic development based on safety production has a reliable guarantee; Adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" policy, comprehensively strengthen enterprise safety management, perfect the rules and regulations, improve safety standards, improve the level of enterprise technology, strengthen the safety production base; Adhere to the production and business operation according to regulation in accordance with the law, strengthen the safety supervision, strengthen enterprise safety production responsibility and responsibility, promotes our country to realize a fundamental improvement in the safety production situation.

2. The main task. In coal mine, the coal mine, transportation, construction, hazardous chemicals, fireworks, civil explosives, metallurgical and other industries (domain) as the key point, strengthen enterprise safety in production work. Through more strict check, and responsibility, take more effective management means and policy measures, centralized regulation illegal illegal production, resolutely curb major workplace accidents; As soon as possible to establish a full-fledged national production safety emergency rescue system, enforce a batch in high-risk industry applicable technical equipment and safety protection facilities, minimize the damage caused by accident; To establish a more perfect technical standard system, promote enterprise safety in production technology and equipment of the national and industry standards, the technical level of production safety, enhance; Should further adjust the industrial structure, promote the corporate restructuring in the key industries and the mineral resources development integration, completely eliminate safety performance is low, endanger the safe production of backward production capacity; In a more powerful policy guidance, form long-term effective mechanism of safety in production.

Second, the strict enterprise safety management

3. To further regulate the behavior of enterprise production and management. Companies to improve production safety rules and regulations strictly, adhere to the safety production. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of manufacturing, and punishes illegal command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline "three violations" behavior. All powers, super strength, super organize production capacity, to order to suspend production shutdown rectification, and head to the enterprise and the enterprise in accordance with the law to give rules limit the economic penalties. On in the name of the integration, technical violations organize production, and not within the prescribed period of time to upgrade or deliberately delayed time limit for a project of mine, will be closed by local government according to law. To strengthen the guidance of chinese-invested enterprises work safety in production and management, strictly implement the investment subject and send production safety supervision and responsibility of the enterprise.

4. The screen management security hidden danger in time. Enterprise to regularly carry out screening of potential safety concerns, and actually do the rectification measures, liability, capital, time limit and plan "five reachs the designated position". Establish a safety professionals as the leading factor of hidden dangers rectification effect evaluation system, to ensure the rectification in place. Cause of the accident to lack of hidden dangers rectification, to pursue the responsibility of the relevant person in charge of enterprises and enterprises in accordance with the law. To shut down the rectification overdue outstanding shall not be restarted.

5. Enhance the production process management leadership responsibility. Enterprise principal and members of the leadership to the shift in turn. Coal mine, the coal mine should be under the leadership of ore and shift and with the workers well, at the same time, the enterprise controller classes in the well or the shift shift, not to the related person to handle awol, while giving regulations limit the economic penalties. Accident without leadership scene shift, to give financial penalties regulations limit, to the enterprise and in accordance with the law shall be investigated for the responsibility of the enterprise, a heavier.

6. Strengthen the employee safety training. Enterprise main management, special type of work personnel of production safety shall be strict appraisal, according to the relevant provisions of the state holding professional qualification certificate of mount guard; After all worker must be trained and qualified mount guard. Enterprise employee to strictly in accordance with the labor contract law and worker sign labor contract. All that exists without training mount guard, undocumented enterprises, halt production in accordance with the law. No security training education, underground work personnel or undocumented enterprise special operations personnel, if the circumstances are serious will be shut down in accordance with the law.

7. Overall safety standard. Carried out in order to post standard, professional standard and enterprise standard for content of safety production standardization construction, within the prescribed time unrealized standard of enterprise in accordance with the law by withholding its production license, safety production license, shall be ordered to halt production. For rectification overdue amount to mark, local governments will be shut down in accordance with the law.

Three, building a solid technical support system

8. Strengthen the management of enterprise production technology. Strengthened enterprise technology management institution of security functions, safety technical personnel by the regulation, earnestly implement the enterprise safety in production, head of the technical management responsibility system, strengthen enterprise main technology, head of the decision-making and command. For safety and production of technical problems do not have a significant hidden danger, head to head to the enterprise, the main technology and relevant personnel to give punishment; An accident, shall be investigated for responsibility according to law.

9. Enforce applicable advanced technology and equipment. Coal mine, the coal mine to formulate and implement the production technology and equipment standards, install monitoring system, mine personnel positioning system, emergency actions rescue system, pressure wind self-help system, water supply system and communication system and other technical equipment, and in three years to complete. Exceed the time limit not installed, in accordance with the safety production license, production license is deducted. Transportation of dangerous chemicals, fireworks, the way of civil explosives special vehicles, and more than three class line changed buses to install use satellite positioning device with driving record functions, complete in 2 years; Encourage conditional fishing boats to install automatic identification of collision avoidance system, install the whole process of online monitoring system in large tailings, large hoisting machinery to install safety monitoring management system; Actively promote the informationization construction, and strive to improve the level of enterprise security protection.

10. Speed up the safety production technology research and development. Enterprise in the annual financial budget must determine the necessary safety investment. The state shall encourage enterprises to carry out security technology research and development, to speed up the production safety and upgrading to upgrade the key technology and equipment. To further implement the "national medium and long-term science and technology development plan outline (2006-2020)", etc., more in high-risk industry security technology, equipment, technology and product research and development support, guide the high-risk industry to raise the level of mechanization, automation production, reasonable production line workers. Research and development of "twelfth five-year" period will continue to organize a group of upgrading our key industries of production safety guarantee ability of the key technologies and equipment projects.

Four, the implementation of more powerful supervision and management

11. Further strengthen safety supervision. Strengthen production safety supervision department of the safe production of comprehensive regulation, the full implementation of public security, transportation, land and resources, construction, industry and commerce, quality inspection departments of the department in charge of the supervision and administration of production safety and industrial guidance of production safety, forming comprehensive production safety supervision and industry regulatory guidance with the combination of working mechanism, strengthen the collaboration, forming resultant force. Under the unified leadership of the governments at all levels, to crack down on illegal illegal production, operation and affect the behavior of the safety production of construction, comprehensive production safety supervision and industry management departments to jointly with the judicial organs joint law enforcement, with strong measures to investigate and punish, clamp down on illegal enterprises. On the significant security hidden danger governance implements for overseeing, announcement system step by step, major hidden dangers governance by provincial safety production supervision department supervisor or the competent department of industry, strengthen supervise the government authority. For companies refused to carry out regulation and supervision instruction, in accordance with the law shall be given heavier punishment in accordance with the rules. Further strengthen the construction of supervision, improve supervision personnel professional quality and the level of technology and equipment, strengthening the supervisory ability of the primary site, to strengthen the field of enterprise safety production supervision and technical guidance.

12. To strengthen enterprise safety production apanage management. Production safety supervision and supervision departments, the relevant departments responsible for the safe production supervision and industry according to division of duties, the administrative department of the local enterprises, including the central, provincial strict supervision, inspection and administration of production safety, safety standardization organization of enterprise safety production status of classification evaluation, the evaluation results to the public, and to the banking, securities, insurance, assurance and other departments, as an important reference for enterprise credit rating.

13. Strengthening the safety management in construction projects. Reinforcement project approved safety facilities for examination and approval, to strengthen the daily safety supervision of construction projects, and strictly implement the responsibility of the examination and approval, supervision. Business building, rebuilding and expansion of the safety facilities of the project, to include security monitoring facilities and prevent the harmful gas such as gas, dust, drainage, fire, explosion, such as facilities, and at the same time with the main part designed, constructed and put into production at the same time and use. Safety facilities and did not do it at the same time of the principal part of the project design of construction projects shall not approval, yet at the same time, the construction shall be ordered to stop construction, had not been put into use at the same time shall not issue the safety production license, and shall be investigated for the responsibility of the relevant units, head of the plot. Strictly carry out the construction, design, construction, supervision, supervision and other parties to the security responsibility. Production and business operation entities on construction projects such as illegal subcontract, the subcontract behavior, immediately shutdown halt production in accordance with the law, and shall be investigated for project owners, contractors and other parties responsibility.

14. Strengthen social supervision and supervision by public opinion. To give full play to the role of trade unions, communist youth league, women's federation organization, maintenance and implementation of enterprise employees in accordance with the law of safety in production of participation and supervision, encourage the staff supervision and to report all kinds of potential safety hazard, reward for whistleblowers. Relevant departments and local should further open channels of social supervision, production safety set JuBaoXiang, announced a call, accepting public supervision of the people. Want to develop the supervision by public opinion of news media, the public opinion reflects the objective questions to check reason, practical and rectification.

Five, the construction of more efficient emergency rescue system

15. To speed up the construction of national production safety emergency rescue base. By industry type and area distribution, relying on large enterprises, under the support of investment from the central budget for infrastructure, advanced to construction of seven countries mine emergency rescue team, equipped with reliable performance, strong mobility equipment and equipment, to ensure the necessary maintenance costs. Promote the highway transportation, railway transportation, water rescue, ship oil spill, oil and gas fields, dangerous chemicals, and other industries (domain) national rescue base and team construction. Encourage and support all regions and departments, industry relying on large enterprises and professional rescue forces, to strengthen the construction of service around the regional emergency rescue capabilities.


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