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Ministry of industry and set the tone "hybrid first" new energy gradual development
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

ZhongQi association's website this week, according to the forwarding of a message to the ministry department of development planning in Yao Jun, said that the high-profile new energy vehicles plan after the revision is expected to be released in the first half of this year. "At present, the development of new energy vehicles route we have generally agree to go first hybrid and pure electric, the final transition to the fuel cell."

Miit pitch incremental route, will lead to route of new energy vehicles for the dust settles, new energy vehicles plan of barrier.

Start from the hybrid into the consensus

In the above information, Chinese academy of social sciences industrial economy research institute of industrial development of ministy Zhao Ying said, new energy vehicles plan before the Spring Festival is returned to the office of the state council meeting, the main controversy lies in the opinion of fuel-efficient cars. The conclusion is that the parallel development of energy-saving cars and new energy cars, moderate development of alternative energy vehicles, don't give up the traditional automobile energy saving technical progress.

The current subsidy policy of energy saving and new energy cars, ordinary hybrid cars as fuel-efficient vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles, pure electric cars and other new energy vehicles.

All sorts of signs, after a full discussion, the contention of new energy vehicles route has been unified opinion. Promulgated by the ministry of science and technology has the electric car "twelfth five-year" development of science and technology special planning (abstract) "is first pointed out that from the technical level, hybrid electric vehicle technology mature gradually, has entered the product market competition, to realize industrialization, is becoming a new growth point of auto sales, should make it popular, before the year 2020 and pure electric in 2020 after a dominant position can be achieved.

As soon as possible to promote energy saving and hybrid cars, and then gradually transition to the pure electric and other new energy vehicles, "T10" new energy vehicles union has long advocated route. The coalition of 10 domestic state-owned automakers, at the end of march and held a technology exchange meeting, study and put forward the T10 enterprise electric car battery, motor and cooperation mode and proposals for cooperation.

The ministry recently issued the "industrial energy saving" twelfth five-year "plan" are put forward: promoting fuel-efficient cars, we will accelerate the cultivation of new energy cars, adjust measures to local conditions to develop alternative fuel vehicles, promote the development of car use energy diversification. Gradually reduce automobile fuel consumption rate in our country, by 2015, energy-saving new passenger vehicles average fuel consumption of 5.9 liters/hundred kilometers.

To achieve the strict standard of fuel consumption, universal hybrid cars is imperative.

"In the near future, China will become the world's largest hybrid vehicle market." Honda China's security, the Honda to the southern daily reporters Tuesday to China in 2015, the most severe fuel consumption standard, hybrid is an important energy saving technology. Honda are advancing battery, motor and other core parts localization of production in China, in order to reduce the cost of new energy vehicles. Promote good at hybrid cars in China, to be Toyota, Honda's strategic priorities.

But industry experts point out that, in the policy, encourage plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles are still is the mainstream. On the one hand, if heavily subsidising hybrid cars, then foreign companies such as Toyota, Honda will occupy a greater advantage. General hybrid technology, on the other hand, the threshold is not high, the domestic car companies will also to seek subsidies, hinder the further development of electric vehicle technology.

New energy car sales breakthrough

In the market, new energy vehicles has achieved sales this year. According to association of ZhongQi incomplete statistics, in the first quarter of this year energy saving and new energy vehicle production 8626 cars, among them: pure electric vehicles 1655 1655 vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and alternative fuel 5671 cars; Sales of new energy vehicles 10202 vehicles, including: pure electric vehicles 1830 vehicles, hybrid 1499, 6873 cars on alternative fuels.

This data have great progress in the last year. In 2011, sales of new energy vehicles 8159 vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, 5579, 2580 hybrid vehicles. Because of increased alternative-fuel cars, statistical data on the new energy car sales in the first quarter this year, more than last year. At present, the promotion of natural gas vehicle, is becoming another new energy vehicles development direction.


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