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Shenzhen, a series of major financial innovation measures
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

12, the shenzhen municipal government executive meeting to study through "about strengthening to improve financial services support the development of the real economy of the several opinions, in order to strengthen the financial support function, support the development of the real economy to overflow.

According to this opinion, financial innovation, promoting sea before actively explore to build more internationally competitive modern industrial system, will be a priority in the future, including pushing forward the construction of the former sea equity exchange to speed up the deep port cross-border RMB loan business pilot, etc. According to introducing, work to be related to the relevant state departments for approval before implementation.

At the day's meeting, shenzhen financial office officials said that opinion one of the main goals of, is through the guide and support the development of the equity investment funds, to promote science and technology and combining the financial, in the sea to carry out the over-the-counter market development, financial industry comprehensive management, capital account opening and reform of mechanism of interest rate marketization of exchange rate formation mechanism of financial system and business model innovation, and further enhance the quality of the entity industry use of financial resources and enhance the independent innovation ability of the entity industry.

Opinion, as one of the contents of financial innovation to promote sea before, shenzhen will accelerate the bank cross-border RMB loan business pilot shenzhen and Hong Kong, using low cost RMB funds support Hong Kong sea before development, opening up and development of key industries. The sea area at the same time, strive for more enterprises and financial institutions to issue yuan-denominated bonds in Hong Kong.

Shenzhen financial office officials said that these measures would stay relevant state departments for approval before implementation. Opinions, he says, also encourage banking institutions through financial products, business processes and internal management mechanism innovation, increase of modern logistics, information service, science and technology and professional services industries such as credit support. Shenzhen will also speed up the formation of all kinds of innovative financial institutions to strengthen the market functions.

Cross-border RMB business plan according to the opinion, shenzhen 2012 JieSuanLiang not less than 360 billion yuan, continue to maintain the lead. For this, put forward opinions, shenzhen will enrich financial services market main body, further improve the cross-border yuan settlement infrastructure, support multinational enterprises set up a global settlement center in the sea before.

Put forward opinions, shenzhen stock exchange this year will also promote the sea before construction, standardize enterprise equity flows and equity financing, first built in the national influential regional otc market.

Shenzhen deep sea port before the development of modern service industry zone is approved by the state a particular area of the modern service industry, aims to deepen the close cooperation of shenzhen and Hong Kong, the development of modern service industry. Shenzhen city people's congress standing committee in 2011 by local legislation, encourage and protect the former sea zone management institutions, enterprises, social organizations and individuals in the former sea zone of innovative activities conducive to the development of modern service industry.

Opinion has also proposed that to vigorously support the development of equity investment fund, promoting economy to achieve strategic transformation, promote independent innovation entity economy.

Shenzhen financial office officials said that shenzhen will attract more venture capital and equity investment enterprises. According to introducing, equity investment enterprises in shenzhen city has reached to 1923 in 2011. This year, shenzhen will strive for equity investment enterprises break through 2500.


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