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Forging industry in China will be full of opportunities and challenges
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

With the development of the forging industry, industry concept in the forging industry is more and more clear. During the period of "11th five-year plan", China's forging industry production is growing at 20%. Is in the financial crisis, China's forging industry has maintained a relatively substantial growth. During the period of "twelfth five-year" forging industry in China will be full of opportunities and challenges.

Forging industry as the basis of mechanical manufacturing industry, has a great influence on the national defense construction, is also the important symbol of an international industrialized, has become a major country of forging industry in our country, but also can't call it the forging industry of the world powers. Along with our country market economy and the development of equipment manufacturing industry, forging industry has made greater progress.

Our forging industry, some enterprises have begun to use hot die forging press, and the corresponding with the manipulator and the transfer closed hot forming pressure, most enterprises still adopt double disk friction presses with air hammer for cultivating virtue manual production process, make the precision forging, die life, forging quality stability are affected. Thus forging industry is facing a domestic due to the development of the auto industry, the development of the international global sourcing opportunities.

Forging domestic enterprises, therefore, if you want to do something during the 12th five-year, must pay attention to the construction of entrepreneurs, technicians and workers, to advocate learning and upgrading; Must pay attention to the self-control ability of forging equipment construction; Must pay attention to the basic theory and practical application of technology research and development. During the "twelfth five-year" forging industry in China will be full of challenges and opportunities and vitality. He suggested that forging enterprises should increase the technological transformation of enterprises, vigorously adopt blow energy controllable clutch screw press and hot die forging press, and matches by cross wedge rolling, roll forging blocking technology, workpiece transfer gradually transition to a manual operation to automation. New materials (non quenched and tempered steel) application, shear, heating, mould preheating, lubrication, forging process control, forging heat treatment and cleaning, constantly reworking. The forging industry of our country on the basis of which shows the scale of production capacity, improve the overall competitive power.


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