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Modern machine tools possess two technical testing and calibration
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

Enterprises in order to prevent the happening of the defects, need in accordance with the standards of state recognition and acceptance, such as in accordance with the standard or ASMEB5.54 ISO230 test standard. So enterprises must have the ability to edit process documentation and the ability to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool technology. Both the standard requires the use of the cue and laser interferometer in accordance with the procedures recommended test the accuracy of machine tools. Adopt such standards is not the purpose of the machine tools must satisfy a certain accuracy, but to find out what kind of precision machine tool can reach level. Parts of the machine tool precision of written material provisions of enterprise must be able to produce qualified parts, and in the local setting precision. By the test can let you understand your machine tool can achieve much higher level. As long as the machine tool can meet the precision standard, have the ability to process.

Modern machine tools are testing and calibration techniques, but also can provide the technology, so that can ensure the accuracy of machine tools in the workshop and normal operation. More and more factories and large workshop with its own laser interferometer and electronic equipment, while the small factory can through various channels, using the commercial way, with competitive price by means of lease equipment and testing services

In fact, you can now provide telescopic cue detector for any workshop, used for rapid detection of the lathe, as long as 15 min detection task can be completed, in order to maintain the machining accuracy of machine tools. Use the cue can accurately evaluate geometric accuracy of the machine tool, is roundness error and stick/slip, server gain error, vibration, backlash and repeat precision and scale of distribution by mistake. Some clubs software can according to ISO230-4 and ASMEB5.54 and B5.57 standards provide specific error diagnosis, and then provide a list of common English, according to the overall impact order of accuracy of nc machine tools, lists the various error sources. This can make the machine maintenance personnel directly to trouble spots.

Periodic cue test with the development trend of the performance of the machine tool. Preventive maintenance is advantageous to the in front of the machine tool deviation process ability and plan in advance. Industry generally tend to be in accordance with the need, not in accordance with the time to adjust machine. There is no reason for maintenance and pulled out a is engaged in the production of fine machine for correction. When found any abnormal situation, let test parts to determine the cue and production. Can continue to production during the test. On the spot welding machine machine probe detection

Today standard machine tool can achieve accuracy and repeat precision is close to in the past, only the CMM

Can be used to automatically determine the location of the parts, and then set up a work coordinate system, the detection can be cut on setup time, improve the utilization rate of main shaft and reduce the cost of fixture and the elimination of non-production processing passing time. In terms of complex parts processing, the original need to 45 min time debugging fixture, is applied to detect device needs 45 s and all by CNC automatic operation is completed. During the initial processing of castings and forgings, detection device can determine the shape of the workpiece, can avoid for empty and a waste of time, and helps to determine the best tool Angle. Process control is used in the process of the testing device for cutting machine features, size and location in the process of monitoring, and verify each processing step precise size of the relationship between various characteristics, in order to avoid problems. Programming to probe detection by the program and the actual processing results at each stage, and then automatically cutting tool compensation, especially in rough machining or half after finishing.

Reference detection is characteristics of parts and a size template or known position and size of the surface of the benchmark comparison, it can make the CNC positioning gap is determined, then generates an offset to compensate for the difference. Before using the key process, and through the imitation model of detection, CNC will be able to check to model the size of the known its own orientation, and programming the offset. If size sample is installed on the machine tool and exposed to the same conditions, then you can use the reference test monitoring and compensation coefficient of thermal expansion. The result is a closed cycle produced by the process, not be affected by the operator.


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