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The research and development and design of the machine tool enterprises in our country major difficult
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

Mould industry in our country every year a huge import and export amount has been hailed as a "manufacturing power" in the world, but as a result of technical talent and other factors, are relatively concentrated in the field of mid-range, high-end market for domestic mould enterprises, economic allure is huge.

It is understood that China's machine tool consumption has been the world's first for 10 years in a row, has become the world's most active machine tool market, and mould machine tools as one of the important branch, share is also growing.

At present, the domestic mold enterprise to use the machine tools in general can be divided into electric machine and metal-cutting machine tools. The electric machine in the domestic market share is relatively high. But not the number of metal-cutting machine tool, because the mould with the machine tool for processing technical requirements higher than parts processing, such as in the numerical control system, transmission equipment, precision parameters, etc., for domestic research and development and design of machine tool enterprises difficult.

Experts point out that, in a short period of time, because of the trapped in the high-end machine talent accumulation and technology accumulation, large-scale imports of foreign high-end machine tool will not change the situation, our country for high-end mold machine tool import dependence will continue in the short run.

Mold market in the face of the world, especially the high-end market prospect of big cake, the mould machine tool enterprises in our country urgently needs to know the market of the latest changes, in view of the current situation of the development of mold industry, research and development related mold machine tool products, seize market, broaden the space for the industry, to facilitate the healthy development of the future.


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