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The cutting tool industry should accelerate structural adjustment to solve outstanding contradiction
Date:2013/12/2 16:36:55

Driven by strong demand in our country manufacturing tools market in China has a huge development potential and good prospects for development. The cutting tool industry in the process of development there are still some outstanding contradictions and problems need to solve. Therefore, tool industry development direction of the medium and long term is to speed up structural adjustment, solve the prominent contradictions, meet the market requirements.

In the development of modern manufacturing, and improve the machining quality and efficiency is the eternal pursuit. Modern, efficient tool is to serve the demand of "high precision, high efficiency, high reliability and specialty" tool. Domestic conditional tool enterprise, to the development of modern, efficient cutting tool as a strategic directions. Continuous development of domestic manufacturing for tool industry provides a vast domestic market.

Although manufacturing in China will also because of the influence of the financial crisis led to the recent growth has slowed. Such as in the second half of 2008, China's cutting tool market has appeared signs of declining demand, but not as larger mainly export enterprises export is blocked, the domestic market in the larger is the low-end products, the demand for efficient tool, there is no obvious change. Although the difficulty caused by external influence, in a period will lead to the development of our growth is slow. But if tool enterprises can use this period of time, take structural adjustment and through this, from the long run, the prospect of domestic demand is good.

So, the challenge of the wind power industry in our country is faced with a sharp rise in demand growth, and face the challenge of large unit complex manufacturing technology. The urgent demand for efficient tool, can be seen. So I think, the development of modern, efficient tool, must firmly on strategic direction, not indecision, delay aircraft. Already has a number of leading domestic tools enterprises, in this regard for a lot of useful experience worthy of learning. On the way from you to replace the imported, imitation and combine, gradually expand, onto the road of independent innovation, in the process of constantly consolidate foundation, rolling forward.

Is need to emphasize that the core of modern, efficient tool value, is to help improve the manufacturing quality and efficiency, so as to promote competition ability.

On a global scale, the proportion of traditional cutting tools used in manufacturing has been reduced gradually, but still considerable market at home, also have certain requirements in the world. And main tool production standard tools in China, the quality has to be in line with international standards, the price is much higher than foreign counterparts. So, for a period of time, in the domestic and international two markets can still make a difference. Is a major trend, but must identify traditional knife, a decline in aggregate demand.

So, we will strictly control the total, rich in variety, improve quality, enhance service, make its performance level gradually close to the modern, efficient tools. This step walk good, can not only keep the domestic market share, and have a chance to enter international manufacturing low-end market. But in the overseas market development, to draw lessons from household tool exports and to get rid of the multinational company control, in own brand, independent development, in the face of the user, strengthening service. We note that, internationally, in a "second phalanx" part of the Japanese and south Korean tools enterprises, expand the overseas market, and by the high quality standard tool escorting, first of all to edge into the low-end market in Europe and America, the ratio of the power of growth, a gradual move toward high-end again. The gradual policy, has achieved success, this kind of practice is worth using for reference.

In recent years, low tool blind a large number of exports, and exports of textiles, toys, electrical appliances and other commodities is different in nature. The latter is to undertake the industrial transfer of developed countries, involving the employment of tens of millions of people in our country, at home and abroad is mutually beneficial. But cheap tool exports completely different, the number is far higher than the actual demand, with very low prices encourage importers to squander type of consumption, only 5 ~ 60000 jobs at home, basic unprofitable, but the damage to national resources and industry development is very serious. Entrepreneurs need to realize the advantages and disadvantages, so this field transformation


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