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Introduction to quality has a great influence to ambry hardware accessories
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

Hardware accessories is one of the important factors affect the price of ambry, also a set of ambry, because the quality of the metal parts is different, can bring thousands of yuan price difference. Hardware accessories are small, they are really affect ambry use effect and the service life of the key factors, once it has any problem, must be the worst. Switch cupboard door, push and pull the drawer without extra trouble not conveniently, directly affects the use of mood and effect, these feelings are determined by the quality of hardware accessories.

So, if any, consumers don't select the hardware provided by ambry brand, but to buy. To this, the personage inside course of study reminds, the quality of the tiny differences can bring a lot of different, to use for the integral ambry hardware such as cabinet put oneself in another's position of the joint, in the actual order cabinet and hardware fittings, for these important components, consumers must consider to be clear about.

Comparison: hardware is different, in ambry price difference can amount to thousands of yuan of shapes, because each kitchen area is different, the host for the functions of the cabinet also widely divergent, therefore, sells in ambry usually just finished show effect, can't completely moved back home.

In the exhibition hall, some brand ambry hardware is divided into Germany import brand as well as the standard configuration of domestic brands. A set of about 4 linear meter contracted style cabinet top ark, its domestic standard hardware compared with German import hardware, the overall price can differ 2600 yuan.

Sales staff explained at the same time, this is mainly due to the hardware handle and quality are quite different. Experience through the scene display, also can really feel the import hardware accessories feels better. Adopt import hinge of cupboard door switch when the impact is small, more relaxed, drawer slide rail in the process of push and pull don't seem so fierce.

Found in other brand of ambry of exhibition experience and compare, higher level of domestic hardware with imported feel is very similar, but the price will be lower.

Experience: hardware matching approach is a bit messy

Ambry of choose and buy a work itself is tedious, and hardware billing problem more troubling. Due to lack of unified standards, for hardware pricing method, ambry brand is a a claim.

Number of hardware tools become the world's first planned economy era, all walks of life have a bit of quantity expansion in development tendency, but it is more serious tool industry. Tool industry to the late 80 s, more than 100 key backbone enterprise and a designated enterprise basic procession, has formed the annual output of 300 million pieces of high speed steel cutting tools, measuring tool of more than 1000 ability, the number leaps to the world, and at the same time, our neighbor's tool making country Japan, HSS tool only an annual capacity of 120 million pieces of historical record, since due to the manufacturing industry to upgrade, the standard tool reduced demand, production gradually to a level of 90 million.

Hardware tools into the gold sales period

In recent years, China's hardware tools products to enter the gold sales period. Previously, hardware tools with a less known and inferior brand popular African consumers. Now, as the African rich gradually increased, the degree of selling hardware tools can hardly imagine. Hardware tools for its inexpensive price, excellent quality at home and abroad market, won the larger market share.

After investigation, we found in the design of the whole kitchen, every year there will be 16% of the market demand, therefore, the hardware industry development space is very big still. Hardware market survey, about 70% of the hardware products demand from the home to decorate, 40% of the products depends on some domestic hardware suppliers' supply capacity. Worldwide, the consumption of hardware industry in personalization, pay attention to quality, reasonable price, and more choice, hardware tool industry is from the traditional to the fashion industry.

Hardware tools industry in China in the transition to a modern, also want to play, since the childhood, the steps of the start. Current tools of large and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, don't overestimate their own strength, in the process of science and technology innovation, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, also should pay attention to the focus, focus on fight a war of annihilation, avoid by all means make the spread of the great stall, blind development, the positioning of enterprises seeking truth from facts, it will play the overall advantages of the industry accelerated the pace of modernization.


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