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Hot stamping is composed of the following process
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

1. The blanking: is the first step in the hot stamping, the blank sheet stamping out of the contour.

2. The austenitizing: including heating and heat preservation in two stages. The purpose of this procedure is to heat the steel to a suitable temperature, austenitizing sheet completely, and good plasticity. Heating equipment for special use by continuous heating furnace, steel plate after heated to above the recrystallization temperature, surface oxidation, easily generated, this scale will cause adverse effect to the subsequent processing. In order to avoid or reduce steel oxidation in the heating furnace, generally inert gas protection mechanism are installed in the heating furnace, or for the sheet metal surface oxidation treatment.

3. Transfer: refers to the heated steel from the furnace into the hot forming die. In this procedure, must ensure that the steel plate is transferred to the mould as soon as possible, on the one hand is to prevent steel oxidation under high temperature, on the other hand is to ensure that the steel plate is still in high temperature during forming, with good plasticity.

4. The punching and quenching. Immediately after put steel in mould for steel plate stamping forming, in order to avoid too much influence on the performance of the steel plate forming temperature is dropping. After forming mould to mould clamping pressure for a period of time, on the one hand is to control the shape of the parts, on the other hand is to use the Settings in the die cooling device for quenching steel plate, make the parts form uniform martensite structure, good dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties. Research shows that in terms of the current commonly used hot stamping steel, austenite to martensite transformation of minimum cooling rate of 27 ~ 30 ℃ / s, so make sure the cooling speed of moulds for sheet metal is greater than the critical value.

5. Subsequent processing. After forming parts from the mold, need some for subsequent processing, such as the use of acid or remove the peening oxide coating on the surface of the parts, and cutting and drilling was carried out on the parts. Hot stamping with high strength, can't use the traditional method for trimming and drilling, and must be done with laser technology.

Hot stamping mould design is the core technology of hot stamping process, it is not only to meet the requirements of parts forming, but also has excellent cooling capacity, to ensure that the parts get good mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy.


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