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Automotive steel ratio will increase or will become the steel mills investment focus
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

In recent years, with the gradually development of China's automobile industry, car production in China has been a rapid growth trend, it also makes auto parts production enterprises experienced a golden growth. Auto parts industry a good export and domestic market sales also attracted the attention of investors, including iron and steel enterprises.

The export situation, or will continue

In the first half, China's auto parts exports to keep growing, but year-on-year growth fell back. Auto parts exports contribution is still the biggest in the whole car merchandise exports. Auto parts in the first half of the total export amount is $28.159 billion, up 4.59% year on year, compared with the same period last year dropped 9.77%, accounting for 75.82% of total automobile exports.

4 types of auto parts in the first half of this year, the export products, export 1.6065 million engines, up 1.33% from a year earlier, exports of $753 million, down 5.79% year-on-year, single exported from June, engine export amount is $130 million, rose to 7.68%, fell 1.79% year on year; Tire exports, automobile, motorcycle tyre export amount is $7.03 billion, down 2.08% year-on-year, failed to continue last year's growth trend; Automobile parts, accessories and car exports was $14.712 billion, up 9.17%; Other auto related products export amount is $5.664 billion, up 3.61% from a year earlier.

The personage inside course of study is expected, the second half of the auto parts export trend change is not too big, basic compliance in the first half of the market, continue to export amount small growth. But analysts to auto parts export of cautious. Because most of China's exports of auto parts are foreign owned or joint venture, domestic enterprises manufacturing export products accounts for only about 20% of total export amount. In addition, as the international market gradually develops, the domestic auto parts industry will face more competition in the international market.

Automotive steel ratio will increase

The personage inside course of study says, because of domestic vehicle sales are expected to grow, together with three or four line city purchase demand for cars, auto parts industry in the domestic market space will be more broad. At the same time, also more strict about the quality of the auto parts.

Will take effect on October 1 of the home automobile products repair, change, the responsibility that return money sets "the parts made clear, the provisions of the inelastic components for domestic automobile products repair shall provide qualified parts or recognized by the producers, and the quality is not lower than domestic auto production assembly line of products. Warranty scope includes engine, gearbox two assembly, steering system, braking system, suspension system, car body, front/rear axle, and 13 vulnerable parts. It will produce profound influence on the auto parts industry. Some technical level, quality, relative to the original pieces have a gap between enterprises will be faced with serious challenges, but the quality of products of the enterprise is good.

According to the production of 28 million cars in 2015, by the end of the 12th five-year auto steel demand is expected to rise to 60 million tons; Automotive steel quantity in steel consumption accounted for will also rise to nearly 10% from the current 6%. According to experience, automotive steel, alloy structual accounted for 28% ~ 35%, the optimal dosage of special steel can be approximately equal to the steel weight of the car parts. In 2015, on the basis of calculation, automotive steel demand is expected to reach 20 million tons.

Or will become the steel mills investment focus

Due to the steel mills have channel and raw material advantages, the products to the auto parts business, also won't add to the cost of the customer development, the personage inside course of study says, iron and steel enterprises can consider integrating auto parts business. In fact, there are some companies began to intensify automotive business development, has even extends to the construction of base of auto parts. Such as, wisco announced with chery & parts base, mainly produces automotive stamping parts, adopt the participation mode in wisco. Not long ago, shougang launched in well auto parts factory, baosteel also cooperate with gac, involved in automobile production. Steel processing shear center, built around the oems can dig deep customer channels, has a car customer relationships with steel mills. In the current iron and steel enterprises in trouble, to strengthen the cooperation with auto enterprise is one of the ways to transformation development. The personage inside course of study thinks, auto parts business or into another focus of large iron and steel company.


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