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Casting machine tool industry in 2015 to achieve gross industrial output value of 800 billion yuan
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

For machine tool foundry industry high-speed growth, of machine tool casting industry in China in the 12th five-year plan put forward the clear objectives, by 2015, machine casting industry to achieve gross industrial output value of 800 billion yuan. In addition to the national policy guidance, an important reason lies in the machine tool foundry industry is the basic resources allocation by market, its market competitiveness is also greatly improved.

In addition, basically realize the demand for the development of mechanical and electrical automation, every industry by the electrical industry, scientific and technological achievements from further development and creation, finally promote the effective in a wide range of industries, rapid growth, it is the power of science and technology, is created the value of science and technology, continuously perfect and self-perfection, to improve the development of the technology.

The medical industry is closely related to the life of people in the industry, whether past, present or future, it is indispensable to mankind, and we believe that health related production area also have been developing steadily, including, of course. As the basis of production of medical apparatus and instruments, believed that this kind of machine will also have more and more broad future. With the development of medical industry, machine tool will has more and more widely used in medical field.

Belong to the equipment manufacturing industry and machine tool manufacturing, medical equipment industry is a part of the equipment manufacturing industry, the difference is: machine tool manufacturing industry is the foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry, is made for industrial and agricultural production equipment, and medical equipment industry responsibility: one is for the medical and health institution manufacturing facilities and equipment and tools, 2 it is to make functional substitute for human body or maintain accessories, including surgical implant products.

With the development of medical industry, machine tool is becoming more and more widely applied in the field of medical treatment. Application in the field of machine tool equipment, used in medical equipment market ranks third in Europe, the Middle East and Africa is expected to possess the market totaled 1.3 billion euros, 8.6% of the total market's annual growth rate over the next five years in this field will remain between 7% ~ 10%, of course it depends on referring to the types of medical equipment. A healthy growth from the side also reflects the market demand for high precision medical equipment. Medical equipment application will drive market demand for edm machine, at present this kind of machine tool is being increasingly used in artificial organs and artificial limb medical products manufacturing process.

In the field of industrial use more quickly, more accurate and more automation machinery and equipment will be more and more common, because it is helpful to improve capital efficiency, and reduce labor costs. Technology innovation is prompting product manufacturers more to the robot mode, and these automation products not only helps to increase output, can provide more flexibility for operation, and constantly improve the process control.

Machine tool applied to various fields, quicken the development of the industry, but also to the people's life has brought a lot of convenient and rapid development, not business interests. The future high-end CNC machine tools in the domestic market prospect.


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