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Environmental protection technology of intelligent hardware mold industry will be rapid development
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

Along with the low cost of human resources is unsustainable and the continuous development of science and technology level, automatic and intelligent manufacturing is bound to become an important development direction of modern manufacturing, intelligent mould must also go fast development. With intelligent mold production products can make the product quality and further improve the production efficiency, more material saving, realizing automation production and green manufacturing.

Intelligent mould, therefore, although the total amount is not much, but it represents a new mold technology development direction, in industry product structure adjustment and change of the pattern of economic development will play a more and more important role.

Intelligent mould development, will promote the whole level of mold industry play a powerful role in driving the rapid ascension, and therefore, in the mold development priority to the development of intelligent industry is necessary.

Experts summarizes for emerging strategic industries in the mold of intelligent classification and typical products:

Services for energy saving and environmental protection industry of energy efficient and environmentally friendly mould. Such moulds for auto lightweight service mould, energy saving and emission reduction through injection molding parameters, and intelligent control means such as mould flow state within the specular non-trace and die manufacturing mold assembly decoration, laminated mold and rotational mold, multicolor material injection molding, multi-layer co-extrusion composite mould, multifunctional composite efficient mold, new LED light source supporting mold and high efficiency and energy saving motor silicon steel sheet stamping die etc.

Serve for a new generation of information technology industry has the functions such as sensing precision, super precision mold. This kind of mold are mainly large scale integrated circuit lead frame precision multi-station progressive die, multi-cavity injection head lead frame precision rubber and plastic packaging mold connectors, electronic components and high precision speed multi-station progressive die, a new generation of electronic components and efficient multi-column precision multi-station progressive die and multifunctional composite efficient forming mould, a new generation of intelligent electronic products, plastic parts forming mold, high-precision multi-layer guide plate mold and iot sensor ultra precision mould, etc.

Service of medical equipment for biological industry precision ultra-precision molds. This kind of mould are mainly through the plastic injection parameters and mold flow state in intelligent control means such as manufacturing precision ultra-precision injection mold of medical equipment, biological and medical industry cutting-edge element metal powder injection mould, biochip mould, etc.


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