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The development status quo of automotive stamping technology in China in the following aspects
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

Stamping is one of the four process of automobile manufacture, the manufacturing precision of body depends largely on the precision of the stamping and assembly. Stamping technology is the result of the development of mass production and needs, especially the development of automobile industry, it still now.

The development status quo of automotive stamping technology in China in the following aspects.

1. The outer covering a high degree of automation

Outer covering parts of surface quality requirement is high, can only rely on automated production. Outside our country automobile covering parts automatic production, although is not high speed stamping, but there is a high degree of automation. The main performance, widely used in automation into? Stamping.

Into line stamping pressure generally consists of four units into a complete closed press line, robot automatic feeding and pick-up is among, production rhythm of about 10 ~ 15 times/min, typically the first double action and follow-up of 800 t 1630 t pressure into a unit.

2. The floor, the top class in automatic or semi-automatic production should be adopted for covering parts

This kind of parts mainly determined by the batch production mode, generally USES the automatic or semi-automatic production. In addition to the joint venture company, local companies initially started are basically adopts the semi automatic stamping production method.

Semi-automatic stamping press raised specific requirement. First of all, press the machine surface is larger; Secondly, due to the forming force is big, need to first press for 2000 t / 2400 t, subsequent press for more than 1000 t / 1250 t.

3. Chassis frame piece is much by parts and components manufacturing enterprises

Chassis frame piece parts company made more concurrent to the company. As the size of the stamping parts company usually has six? , considering the easy quality control and forms a production logistics management, these parts are welded and subsequent paint or coating process, which can provide assembly parts for makers directly.

4. Precision stamping technology is developing rapidly

Precision stamping technology originated in Switzerland, with the development of manufacturing is one of the key technologies in the development of automobile industry, in the car on some of the assembly manufacturing has important applications, such as door hinge assembly, glass elevator assembly, etc. 3-5 mm thick, this kind of parts required parts with high precision, good strength, assembly action is smooth and reliable.

After years of development, precision stamping technology in automobile industry in our country has made gratifying achievements, at present, the fine blanking the emergence of a group of powerful enterprises.


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