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How to ensure Yun effectively reduce the deformation of metal parts processing
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

For many of the sheet metal processing, because according to the processing of sheet metal parts need to do a lot, especially in parts of the cooling process, sheet metal processing and kinds of quenching medium, the cooling performance, hardenability and other related to the deformation. The change of the cooling performance can be through the change of medium viscosity, temperature, liquid level pressure and adjusted by the use of additives, mixing, etc. The higher the viscosity of the quenching oil, the higher the temperature, the smaller the oval deformation. In a stationary state, the deformation is small. Forging heat treatment, reduce the deformation of parts put way, one is vertical hanging as far as possible, 2 it is vertically in the bottom of the furnace, three is to use two level support, pivot position in length between a quarter and a third, fourth, flat on the heat resistant steel tooling. Sheet metal processing vacuum quenching is by reducing the quenching medium of liquid surface pressure, extending steam membrane phase, high cooling rate drop, make the parts of each part uniform cooling rate. Will first parts from oil quenching temperature cold to slightly higher than the Ms point temperature, then, stay in the atmosphere, make the temperature uniformity in parts as a whole, then oil cooling, uniform martensite phase transformation, the deformation of the irregularity gets great improvement. It can effectively reduce the deformation of sheet metal processing: salt bath quenching; High temperature oil quenching; Vacuum quenching; Three period of quenching a slot. Salt bath quenching and high temperature oil quenching are similar, are in the martensitic transformation temperature quenching, increase the uniformity of martensite phase transformation.


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