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Stamping process
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

Stamping parts classified according to the process, can be divided into forming two process and separation process. Molding process indicators in billet occurred plastic deformation under the condition of using sheet, made into required shape and size of the work, the separation process is also known as blanking, the goal is to make the high quality of stamping parts along the profile set line on the sheet metal in advance, at the same time guarantee the separation section of the character of the request, at the time of actual production, often together a variety of processes operating in an artifact. Cutting, straight, shear, spinning, change is often applied to stamping process.

Stamping parts mainly is the metal or nonmetal sheet, with the help of the press pressure, through the stamping die stamping processing molding production, need to pay attention to is in the process of stamping parts in stamping, due to the heart will not crush materials, there will be a very good inner quality, looks very good, this is for the inner coating provides random condition a series of disposal.


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