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Stamping harm main measures of how to prevent
Date:2013/12/2 16:00:51

Stamping damage how to prevent the main measures: 1. The reform process, mould and practices, people hand print job outside. For mass production, but from the perspective of the reform process and mould and realize mechanization and automation. For example, using automated, multi-station stamping machinery and equipment, adopts multiplex rowed with mechanization into producing device, use the merge process measures such as continuous die, compound die. All of these can not only protect the safety of stamping operations, and can greatly improve the production efficiency, it is the development direction of stamping technology. The stamping production of small batch and many varieties, the current difficult to automate, proper way is to try to use safety, less labor intensity, easy to use tools. At the same time, also can reform the mould positioning, out and clean up the waste, make the operation more safety.

2. Reform stamping equipment, improve production safety and reliability. Now many of the old stamping equipment control system, electric control system there are many unsafe factors, if continue to use the corresponding to the technical reform. Stamping equipment factory should improve product design, to ensure the safety and reliability of the stamping equipment.

3. The installation of protective device. Due to the small batch production, neither to realize automation, and cannot use the security stamping tools stamping job, you must install safety protection device, in order to prevent the accidents caused by error. Various protection devices have different characteristics and scope of use, improper use still injury accident happens. Have to discuss the role of the various protective device, therefore, to be used correctly, ensure the safety of the operation.


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